We are as surprised as you may be by the emphasis on either the war between the sexes or the subject of sex itself in the content of this issue. It was not deliberate at the outset but we make no apology for it now. Nor does it require one. The subject of patriarchy is central to our times and shows up here both in a serious opinion and again in an account of rape as a weapon on war. And given that contemporary society seems consumed by the pursuit of sexual experience we found significant the report from another source that women and men find themselves differing in their pleasure therefrom.

More significant even than explaining this somewhat imbalance is to call your attention to the story on Page Two about how bad things have come to be in West Virginia, and how our greatest priority may be to recognize what went wrong in that region over the last century before the contagion catches up with all of us. We confess not knowing where to start in taking on this conundrum, but we’re open to suggestion. Washington may be the last place to turn.
There’s something special at the bottom of page three. Don’t miss it.


Don West for New Times Always
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State of the Union underscores why Trump is his own worst enemy
Narrative There had been only one State of the Union address before Woodrow Wilson reinstituted the practice, fallen into disuse after John Adams. What was not anticipated was the present-day charade of half the audience indicating its disinterest and disdain while the other half becomes antic, nor the present practice of the opposition party being given a sliver of time to respond. This year's performances presented little compelling information worth distributing beyond the occasion, with President Trump's becoming master-of-ceremonies-in chief, essentially introducing one or another person or act of heroism from the surrounding gallery for an hour and a half, while the Democrats used their time to introduce another youthful member of the Kennedy clan. Bowing to a certain journalistic fairness, we do print for the record two brief accounts of the 2018 occasion, along with a wish but no confidence that both decorum and pertinence would reassert themselves in the future.
Kennedy’s Speech — So How’d He Do?
Patriarchy as a system of male dominance
Narrative Were there any doubt about the strength of the opposition that many feel toward patriarchy, it will be dispelled to any who read this article by author and scholar Carol P. Christ. It is presented on its own merits and as still another connection to the controversy over sexual harassment that is presently at large worldwide. And in full awareness that other articles in this issue similarly involve the subject.
What connects rape in war, domestic violence and sexual harassment? Patriarchy
What is 5G and why is it inevitable?
Narrative The first thing to know about 5G is that it will make everything that is moving electronically at the speed of 4G move 10 times faster. The second thing to know is that technologists say it's inevitable, whether funded by the government or not. After that just read this article. You won't understand that much more about the future but you may dread it a little more.