10 Things Every Designer Hates To Hear

It’s happened to every designer at some point: A client or co-worker makes an absolutely cringe-worthy comment about your work.

Feedback is important. And often the problem with some of these elements no designer ever wants to hear is that they cause a roadblock in the communication process. So here we look at some real-world situations (with a spark of humor) and ways you can handle what comes across as tactless, thoughtless comments with grace.

1. I Don’t Like It

This might be one of the most useless phrases in this history of design. Why don’t you like it?

To learn more about what’s not working for a client, you will have to ask some questions. There are a lot of people out there who operate on the “I’ll know it when I see it” philosophy. That’s just not practical.

Develop a set of questions to ask when you get this response. Ask about the colors, typefaces and images to figure out what isn’t liked. Often something as simple as a font choice can “fix” the entire design.

2. I Don’t Have a Budget

If you start working for free today, your work will never be valued tomorrow. While there is a time and place for pro bono work, someone who is hiring for a design job or project needs to understand the cost – and be able to pay for work.

If a client tries to negotiate a trade or “publicity” for projects, take a moment to educate them on the costs of design. There’s time and software and expertise. And if the client still doesn’t want to pay, walk away from the job.

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