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There’s no doubt that Democrats had something to cheer — finally — in November elections leading up to what could be a potentially pivotal 2018 (in which they have a mathematical chance of recapturing the House of Representatives) but they’ve got a long way to go in turning back a determined Trump tide that, having so far been foiled in legislative attempts to make things worse, may yet succeed  in enriching the super wealthy at further cost not only to the middle and lower classes but to the nation’s onerous debt. Ironically, the only momentary hope lies again with a few votes in Trump’s own majority who could respond to national interest ahead of partisan ranks, but whose own numbers diminish as they yield the  electoral field to various passions on the right.  
The president and those who most believe in him have cornered the Against vote but the Democrats have yet to communicate their For part of the equation — beyond hating Trump and holding fast to the Obama policies that they failed to support in 2016. We still preach that “you can’t beat something with nothing” and as a something Trump continues to offer something to think about: primarily, all those people in his base who appear relatively unmoved by the carnage he’s unleashed on the presidency. It’s not a matter of their seeing a different light at the end of the tunnel. It’s their and others recognizing a hope held out by all the new times this publication is all about. 
Readers probably won’t notice the few format changes in number 11 but there have been a number of infrastructure upgrades that improve performance on all digital devices, and particularly the growing mobile environment. Wherever you are we follow, and perhaps vice versa. 
Don West for New Times Always!
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Corporate interests swiftly align against tax overhaul
Narrative The tax reform bill that appears to be the Republican party’s last hope for a major legislative triumph in its first year of the Trump administration is at last an actuality, with presumably enough votes to be passed without any bipartisan support. But that support itself is less than certain, as witness all those lined up in opposition who find their oxen gored.
A post-Obama Democratic party in search of itself
Narrative It was bad enough for the Democratic party to lose the presidency in 2016, but it was worse still to lose the leader who had won in 2008 and 2016 — not to mention losing the vaunted ground game he had invented so effectively. Now with the Hillary Clinton establishment in disrepute and the Bernie Sanders insurgency still a might-have-been memory, it’s both a party without a leader and one confused about its cause.
Where is Bob Mueller headed next?
Narrative There are two principal reasons for placing this story in the lineup. The first is to reassure readers who may have feared that the first installment was the end of his investigation into whatever he eventually discovers. The second was to voice our confidence that in his less than dramatic fashion he’ll let us know when the time comes, and that we’ll thereafter rest assured.
Jenna Abrams, Russia’s clown troll princess
Narrative You too may have been among the thousands of devoted Twitter followers of Jenna Abrams, who escorted so many Americans down the trolled garden path of the 2016 election as the surrogate, presumably, for the Russians. This is one of two stories on that subject in this number, the second giving more specifics on page two.
Is Mark Zuckerberg the next stage in world capitalism?
Narrative Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook may be given more credit than perhaps any billionaire other than Jeff Bezos (need we say of Amazon) for his impact on the nation’s and the world’s economy. Both their successes are examined if not applauded by critical eyes in this issue.
Amazon is competing with too many companies
Narrative This is Mr. Bezos’s turn.
The great college loan swindle
Narrative That this story didn’t end more tragically was by itself an accident, but the fact that the college debt crisis not only continues but gets worse over time is not only a disaster for those who bought into it but a disgrace to those it enriches.