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Trump is wrong: Tax cuts don’t equal growth
Narrative If you think this story was positioned here deliberately for its possible impact on those involved in or debating the GOP’s current tax reform plans, you’ve got that right. We need neither endorse nor embellish Bruce Bartlett’s point of view.
The social media ads Russia wanted Americans to see
Narrative These are examples of the social media ads Russia wanted you to see, and you may have. It’s somehow more chilling to realize what the enemy looks like, and how endangered we are in this new day and age.
Jimmy Kimmel on healthcare, Trump, and gun control
Narrative We don’t yet know what to make of it that the responsibility for commentary on today’s cultural and political affairs has been undertaken importantly by those whose job it was to entertain, not inform. The latest spotlight is on Jimmy Kimmel (not to mention a competing network’s Stephen Colbert and another’s Saturday Night Live).
Me Too, by Breanna Stewart
Narrative Of the millions of Me Too posts that may have come in wake of the the Harvey Weinstein revelations, none is more poignant — nor dark — than that of this star athlete from Seattle whose courage in telling it gives us the resolve to pass it on.
Death knell for the checkout line
Narrative You may be as surprised as were we that as everyday a staple of everyday life as the checkout line may be among those things doomed for extinction by technology. In a way, we asked for it.
A Wharton professor explains why hiring nonconformists is essential
Narrative This news may not rank with the week’s election reports but, after giving it thought, we considered it essential enough to include with the morning paper, if you still have one.
John Boehner unchained
Narrative Remember John Boehner? We do well and at least sympathetically if not always fondly, considering his treatment by the GOP caucus and the failure of the grand bargain he almost made with Barack Obama. That may have been the moment everything went wrong. This is the story he’s decided to tell.