11 beautiful ways to use stone beds in your gardens

Gardens are a wonderful addition to any property, that’s a given, but the amount of up-keep they can require puts so many people off! We understand it, to be honest, as the last thing we want to do after a long week at work is sacrifice our entire weekend to weeding and mowing the grass, which is why we want to explore the beauty and convenience of natural stone!

Any¬†gardener will tell you that gardens with a lot of stone always look stylish and effortless, but you’ll probably want to include some flora as well, so before we show you some great reasons to consider stone for your own space, let’s think about the types of plants that will work with it. Your choice of plants will be directly affected by what aesthetic you are aiming for, but to capture a Japanese garden look, bamboo and grasses are key. For a more Mediterranean feel, lavender, rosemary, thyme, palms and aloe vera will all thrive in a stone environment.

Are you ready to be convinced that a stone garden is for you? Then take a look at these amazing ideas!

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