13 of the world’s greatest kiteboarding spots

Ask 50 people to list the world’s best kiteboarding spots and you’ll hear 50 different views. But one thing is certain: Nothing beats the pure feeling of harnessing the power of the wind to ride. For those who have caught the bug, kiteboarding becomes an obsession inspiring travel to far-flung reaches of the globe.

Check out this gallery featuring 13 of the world’s top kiteboarding destinations. Use this guide to choose a spot—then talk to locals for intel on epic sessions to suit your skill.


The scene: Some 60 miles off the coast of Morocco, the beaches at Fuerteventura feel like ocean-side outposts amid the island’s rocky desert. While popular with European tourists, Americans are few and far between.
Best season: May–September
What makes it great: Wind sweeps the shore day after day. No need to sit out when it shifts direction though, just drive to the other side of the island.
Beginner tips: Flag Beach is one of the best spots for learners, but be wary of rocks that emerge at low tide.
To get rad: Bring a small kite down to Sotavento to tackle gusty, side- and offshore winds and significant surf.
What to do on no-wind days: Take a nap. Wind blows so consistently, you’ll be begging for a break.