20 influential leaders in the internet of things

These 20 executives, entrepreneurs, investors, CTOs, and influencers are driving the Internet of Things industry forward.

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry has quickly transformed from a futuristic idea to the next massive evolution of the internet. It’s disrupting a variety of industries; savvy entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations are diving head first into this space, racing to carve out a piece of a pie that McKinsey Global Institute predicts could deliver up to $6.2 trillion USD in economic impact by 2025.

Here is a list of executives, entrepreneurs, investors, CTOs, and influencers that are driving the Internet of Things industry forward. These are not consultants or commentators. Each person on this list is directly and positively impacting the industry in a significant way. These are the individuals you should watch while carving out your position in this rapidly growing industry.

1.Charlie Kindel: GM, Alexa Smart Home, Amazon

The Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant were the first massive consumer hits in the Smart Home. By focusing on voice as the user interface, Kindel and Amazon have redefined how consumers engage their everyday lives. Kindel and Amazon’s forward thinking and fast growth have put their competitors in catch-up mode. Amazon’s Alexa is the hottest innovation in IoT and Charlie Kindel is leading the charge.

2. Stacey Higginbotham: Journalist; Founder, Internet of Things Podcast

Ask anyone in the Internet of Things to name the top journalist in the space and you’ll almost certainly hear “Stacey Higginbotham.” A former writer for GigaOm and Fortune, Stacey hosts The Internet of Things Podcast, manages a weekly IoT newsletter and writes for The Wirecutter and PC Mag. She is the best resource for going from beginner to expert in IoT.

3. Andrew Thomas: Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, SkyBell

Despite only being in the industry for a few years, Andrew Thomas has quickly built a reputation as one of the top dealmakers and marketers in IoT. He led SkyBell’s $600,000 Indiegogo campaign in 2013, and has helped scale SkyBell by landing significant deals with big companies in the space. Andrew is an active IoT speaker, social influencer, and advisor. He also has an Inc.com column where he contributes relevant content on IoT and startups.

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