21 Classic Books That You Can Read For Free Online

The classics. They’re the bane of many a high schooler’s existence. And yet, we all have one or two (or 20) classic books that we’ve been meaning to read… eventually. But when you walk into the bookstore, you’re instantly distracted by all those shiny new books, and it seems like up and coming YA authors probably need your money a lot more than Charles Dickens does right now. Lucky for you, though, there’s this secret, hidden realm known as the “public domain,” where you can read all the classics books your literary heart desires. Right now. For free.

Websites like Project Gutenberg have collected tens of thousands of public domain books for your reading pleasure. You can download e-books for your phone or kindle, or just read them right there in your browser. So if you’re looking for a free way to read more contemporary works, allow me to direct you to your friendly local library. But if you’re looking to read up on the classics, right now, from the comfort of your own phone, laptop, or sci-fi ocular implant, then here are a whole slew of incredible books that can be found and legally read for free in the wilds of the web.

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