A Roundup of the Best Covfefe Memes

Future generations will ask, “What does covfefe mean?”

On the one hand: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Decidedly, indelibly, despondently, and abjectly nothing. Wholly nothing. Whatsoever nothing. Nothing at its very fibers and fabrics. Nothing on a cosmic level. That it’s so enchantingly estranged from the ground-level necessities of a comprehensible, substantial, or meaningful thought is the mighty beauty of it.

But even more beautiful is the fact that, despite all this, on the other hand, it does mean something. Something very special to all of us. Because we didn’t let this nonsense word–tweeted in what we, offering a most generous benefit of the doubt, might assume to be great haste by President Donald Trump late Tuesday night–merely crumble beneath the weight of its vexing incoherence. No–we crushed, pummeled, and eviscerated the everliving hell out of it. Together.

It didn’t take long for the internet to seize the opportunity either. Almost immediately following the publication of the tweet, which hit the ‘net right around midnight ET, the valiant knights of Twitter leapt to the task with jokes and memes tearing mercilessly into the remarkable inscrutability of this most recent effort in communication by the United States’ Commander-in-Chief. Scoff though we may, there is something to be said for the bliss, fortitude, and–most importantly–unity with which they embraced the task of lampoonery. No, those who leapt at the opportunity may not have ushered in a shift in tides; sure, you can say that such time and energy would be better served focused on the severe ramifications of Trump’s influence and rein. Yes, there’s plenty more we could all be doing to ensure a better world for ourselves and our fellow Americans, longstanding and newcomers alike, in this especially trying day and age.

But sometimes, we need something like covfefe to remind us that we’re all in this together.

As such, when future generations do ask us what that infernal non-word really means, may we share this bounty of memes and jokes spawned in the wake of its abominable conception.

Enjoy at The Nerdist.