The most exciting new cookbooks for Fall 2017

Summer Fridays are coming to an end, you’ve had it with ice cream for dinner and yes, admit it, you’re ready for a pumpkin spice anything. And with the change in season comes that moment when you find yourself venturing back into the kitchen, ready to turn on the stove now that the summer heat is over. Here are 37 of fall’s best new cookbooks, because you can’t go back to school without a bagful of books.


Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker

Editors of Martha Stewart Living (August 29, $26)

Adding to an already-impressive cookbook lineup, the Martha Stewart team proves you don’t need 17 pots and pans to build layers of flavor. And it’s not just for soups and stews: You can’t help but love an appliance that can pump out baby back ribs and a blueberry cornmeal buckle with equally fantastic results.

Milk Street

Christopher Kimball (September 12, $40)

You already know and trust him from his years leading the way on America’s Test Kitchen. Now, he’s adding a different kind of spice to life—literally—with a pantry full of ingredients like togarashi, garam masala and baharat. As he writes in the introduction, “Ethnic cooking is dead. We are all simply making dinner.” Through his recipes and research, he aims to connect us all.

Federal Donuts

Mike Solomonov and Steven Cook (September 26, $17)

This one’s equal parts comic book, comedy show and comestibles, with recipes for doughnuts and fried chicken from the Philadelphia-based shop. Case in point: The book closes with The Fednuts Workout, which involves doing squats with a chicken sandwich in each hand and planking while balancing a box of doughnuts.

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