“Girls Trip” star Tiffany Haddish takes her seat at the table

It might be the best story ever told on a talk show.

Tiffany Haddish, while promoting her breakout role in the hit film Girls Trip, was telling Jimmy Kimmel about the time she took Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith on a Groupon swamp tour in New Orleans, something the couple only agreed to because they, Hollywood royalty that they are, had no idea what Groupon was.

Kimmel underscores the entire thing with uncontrollable giggles, as Haddish essentially monologues for seven full minutes—basically unheard of in the heavily edited and orchestrated world of talk shows. The story, specifically Haddish’s telling of it, is that good. They should create a new category at the Emmy Awards just to honor it.

Pinkett-Smith told her version of the same story on Jimmy Fallon’s show, but it made only a fraction of the splash Haddish’s telling did, with nearly a million views already on Kimmel’s YouTube page. She’s not pleased.

“Jada texted me the other day, saying, ‘Oh my god, Tiffany! All those views. I’m gonna need some money, bitch. You’re gonna need to run me some money,’” Haddish tells The Daily Beast, cracking herself up. “I said, ‘I wish I could get some of that money! We need to talk to Disney or something, because who owns this? We need to find out who’s getting the money from our conversation.’ She’s like, ‘I’m gonna get my people on it.’”

Even now, Pinkett-Smith still marvels in disbelief that Haddish convinced her to go on that tour—two of the most famous people in the world on a boat with dozens of people who purchased their tickets with an online coupon. Now, however, she’s a convert.

“She uses Groupon to buy makeup and stuff for her nieces and everything. Toys and little knick-knacks like that,” Haddish says. “She taught me how to dress expensively and invest in beautiful garments, and I taught her how to have a good time on a budget.”

Sitting with Haddish in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, it’s even easier to understand why the talk show anecdote went viral so quickly. She’s magnetic. Explosive. A solar flare of energy. She’s every superlative in real life she’s earned in headlines breathlessly praising her performance as brash, brazen life of the party Dina in Girls Trip.

As has quickly become legend during Haddish’s exhausting—and relentlessly entertaining—press push for Girls Trip, the 37-year-old actress was recommended to co-star with Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Pinkett-Smith as the fourth member of a group of college friends reuniting for a wild weekend in New Orleans by crew members who had worked with her on the comedy Keanu, but producers weren’t interested because they were looking for a “name” to round out the cast.

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