Elon Musk: The architect of tomorrow
Narrative There's no need to hold back on superlatives in describing Elon Musk. The South African-born founder of Tesla and Space X is surprisingly earthbound while planning a future for humanity on another planet.
Global warming as seen by NASA over the north pole
Narrative Take a deep breath before reading this story. It's breathtaking on its own. Imagine flying over Greenland and seeing thousands of centuries of snowfall piled beneath you. Some that fell 130,000 years ago over 656,000 square miles. Imagine just some of that historic mass melting away to flood the world's oceans from Brooklyn to Bangladesh. And then imagine all that is possible in our lifetimes. And then deny climate warming.
The true story of refugees in an American high school
Narrative Much of what is going on around the world comes front and center in Eddie Williams' classroom. They are the refugee children who are among the 59 million having been replaced from around the world, and these first seven face him silently on their first day. Just showing up for school required great courage. They had little language but their brains were furiously absorbing everything in sight. It was the beginning of safety.
Chinese build 1,000km tunnel to make desert bloom
Narrative Then shift your attention back from Greenland to China and witness the work their engineers are doing to build a 1,000 km tunnel from Tibet to Xinjiang, in order one day to make a desert bloom like California. And then think that any one part of the world has a monopoly on the rest. And then go back and read Suzy Hansen's story on Page One.
What’s killing America’s new mothers?
Narrative It may surprise you to learn this is one statistic at which the United States shamefully excels. It's the highest among the world's industrialized nations in the number of maternal deaths per 100,000. The number is 26.4 versus 7.5 in Canada and lower still in Europe. The reason may well be traced to our vaunted system of private healthcare presided over by the American medical establishment.
Has Ted Sarandos rescued (or ruined) Hollywood?
Narrative This story -- that concentrates on Ted Sarandos, Netflix and Hollywood and the effect they are all having on each other -- is perhaps made more timely by the resent success of the period movie Mudbound, the subject of much Oscar and other pre-awards prominence.
Asgardia, the world's first "space nation", takes flight
Narrative It doesn't yet appear on any map but there's another nation on the planet. Its name is Asgardia and its home at the moment is in a bread-sized container aboard the International Space Station, being prepared for launch into an earth orbit of its own. It contains the names of the first 114,000 space citizens, put there by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, the Russian whose brainchild it is. It is perhaps a harbinger of things to come.
Regrets? Chris Christie has a few
Narrative If Chris Christie had his way people would just concentrate on his eight years as governor, and less on the highs of 78% approval or the lows of 22%. The bridge stuff is part of that and the Trump part is another part, he says, but only a part. In office or out, he still makes for good copy.
2017: Year in Review
Narrative This retrospective account of 2017 is pretty much what you would expect, and valuable if only in keeping score year by year.