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The secret to Henry Kissinger’s success
Narrative The secret to Kissinger’s success — which continues to extend remarkably far beyond the time when he carried an official portfolio — may be there for all to emulate. What if it was not just his incredible intellect and abilities but a skill in persuading so many others outside his network to end up inside. Could there be an resemblance to that old story about the spider and the fly?
Mike Allen wrote the rules of Washington and now Donald Trump’s destroying them
Narrative Neither Mike Allen nor Axios AM were a big part of the Washington conversation as recently as a year ago. Now they’re part of almost everyone’s waking news diet seven days a week — and certainly President Trump’s — following a formula so old it’s new again: staying ahead of what’s really happening and telling it forthrightly.
The Obamas’ portraits are not what you’d expect, and that’s why they’re great
Narrative Pictures perfect. Barack and Michelle Obama have continued in their own style to make a difference in Washington, this time at the National Portrait Gallery. Their selection of artists from outside the mainstream, and their success in making a so historic but appropriate statement in this way, continues in keeping with the dignity and uniqueness of their occupation of the White House.
The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal
Narrative It doesn’t matter that this story is positioned on the second page. What’s only important is that you read it, and not only the beginning portion that we’ve called to your attention but all the way through to the complete Quartz story that may well identify a central problem within the United States today — a capitalism that has gone completely awry and a realization that none of the solutions or slogans being bandied about by politicians or Congress today will do anything to save us. The headline — or the epitaph — might well have been “As Goes West Virginia So Goes the Nation.”
The female price of male pleasure
Narrative It’s bad journalism practice to put two strong stories back to back, for fear the attention to one will eclipse that to the other. But here we are. Having just given you too much to think about concerning the perils of capitalism we turn — somewhat reluctantly — to a story about sex that has been the subject of internal debate about being appropriate for a journal dedicated primarily to the subject of change. The editors have decided to go ahead anyway, on the grounds that life and relationships will go on whether or not we publish. And just perhaps better.