What was inspiration in search of definition is beginning to find a place to become and a goal to pursue. Both revolve around one word:


It may be a web site, if might start as a blog. Its orientation will clearly be culture, lifestyle, politics and the future, not necessarily or always in that order, but with an emphasis on as soon as possible. The past has taken a long time in getting here but the future is upon us now. New Times Always! might well begin by hypothecating ideals within reach within the next half-century and working back to the present, rather than proceeding in the customary way.

There will always be in the premise a break-away from, along with an appreciation of, where we have been, subject to a strong gravitational pull toward where we want to be. If it does not yet rise to the level of a revolution, it does aspire to be revolutionary. The aim will be to illuminate change as the most inevitable of our variables and the best passport to our better possibilities.

It will require an essential optimism, first of all, and an extra-partisanship among the body politic. Our new century has brought with it the need for a quantum realignment from the past in economics, globalization, threats to the planet and otherwise, technology, attitudes, revolt, inequality and, at the same time, possibilities in almost infinite measure. We are confronted by opportunities never before realizable, and the equal chance to be overwhelmed by them. Given the extremes that now have sway in the world at large, it will be difficult to maintain a stance nearer the center. Not one of neutrality, but of commanding objectivity. The hardest change of all may be our own, wherever our starting point.

Along with Change, the other most important C-word in our arsenal will be Context. While we will aggregate news reports from many quarters, we will not rely on them alone. We must go beyond to find and amplify ideas for change being promulgated wherever they exist, in the academic and publishing worlds and elsewhere. The internet, while responsible for many of the 21st century problems associated with social media, a rogue rather than a responsible press, and global threats to privacy, will be for us a fertile mechanism for exploration.  We are aware that change has many parents and many names.