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Amazon’s plan to be the world’s biggest company
Narrative We can’t get over standing in awe over what Amazon has done and is doing to rewrite the history of merchandising. Or business. Or both. Or everything else.
Returning to the Rust Belt
Narrative Just as we can’t get over our surprise that the tide may be shifting back toward those regions of the country that have given up so many in the past. To some, it may be possible to go home again.
Shifting religious makeup spells trouble for both parties
Narrative The tides of religion in the present day are shifting in ways that may defy an almighty’s mysterious ways, but they have come to have great meaning in politics as well.
How we killed expertise
Narrative If this reads like an argument for the return to expertise, it is. The more pertinent question may be how so much authority lost its sway over the body politic.
Germany’s open door: What life is like for refugees
Narrative Of all the stories being written on and about the world’s wave of migration, none is more instructive or surprising than the recent history in Germany.
606 pairs of empty shoes: suicide in New Zealand
Narrative In case you’re not aware, there’s a wave of suicide sweeping over the planet — a story we’d rather not tell but of dimensions we can’t avoid. Who would have thought it would be New Zealand’s story as well.
Stephen Hawking project detects signs of alien life
Narrative This one’s far off and probably far out, but Stephen Hawking’s been right too often not to be credited when he thinks he hears the presence of an alien source in the universe.