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James Mattis, a warrior in Washington
Narrative Be prepared for a long afternoon – or whenever you decide to tackle it – when you consider the New Yorker’s story on James Mattis, the Marine general now Secretary of Defense. You’ll learn a lot about the man and even more about how politics and warfare are so intimately intertwined. The initial months of the Trump administration indicate a much more aggressive stance in foreign policy than taken by Obama, but at the same time there seems to be an accompanying consensus that the scholarly and thoughtful Mattis – with his demonstrated integrity – will be a brake on things going too far. You won’t know the answer after reading this account but you’ll have a lot more to think about on your own, and perhaps a more sober understanding that the outcome of war and warriors is killing people, often by the millions.
truckers as ‘throwaway people’
Narrative This one will take you by surprise, putting a bright spotlight on the lives of all those truckers of both genders who haul 53-feet trailers (and those of other dimensions) through the long days and nights on all the nation’s highways. For the most part, all alone. The headline calls them “throwaway people,” and that’s how many of them feel. As one driver put it: “We’re just like cops. Everybody needs us but nobody wants us.” Our bet is that you’ll feel differently about them and their lot after this absorbing read.
politics in brief: a collection
Narrative Inevitably, we come to politics. Obviously, that means talking about the President whose election and governance have so far left little other oxygen for other subjects in the public domain. This issue contains at least four stories that revolve in some way about Donald Trump or the reaction to his presidency, grouped together for the convenience of readers who want to get it over with quickly. We, on the other hand, hope you will read them all, or give each a fighting chance. It goes with the duty to be an informed as well as active citizen (and voter) in this and all other days and ages.
special counsel Mueller’s investigation seems to be growing
four senators to watch in the Trump-Russia investigation
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