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Are you ready to consider capitalism as the problem?
Narrative You may be as surprised as was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when asked whether the Democratic Party might want to embrace a challenge to capitalism. But there may be increasing reason to take the subject seriously. A Harvard University study found that 57% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer support a system of capitalism. Another poll in Great Britain found 64% thing capitalism is unfair. And its said that three-quarters believe big business is basically corrupt.
One for the history book of iceberg disasters
Narrative Almost yesterday, in our issue number 2, we reported the perilous state of a giant iceberg — perhaps the world’s largest — hanging on by a thread by which it was tethered it to the glacier world of Antarctica. With no satisfaction for prescience, we report that it has now broken away and its trillion tons of ice (2,200 square miles, the size of the state of Delaware) are now on a wayward journey that can only factor into the eventual danger of a worldwide 10-foot rise in oceans endangering megacities “from Miami to Mumbai.”
Detroit at crossroads 50 years later
Narrative It’s been 50 years since the riots that left 33 blacks and 10 whites killed, 1,400 buildings burned and 7,000 people arrested. At the time it was the fourth largest city in the U.S.; it’s now 21st. A number of the societal problems that caused it then are still evident today.
Departing ethics chief: U.S. “close to a laughing stock”
Narrative Walter M. Shaub Jr. made a valiant effort as head of the Office of Government Ethics to hold back the flood of violations brought on by the Trump administration, but lost. His verdict on the standing of the U.S. in the eyes of the world: “I think we are pretty close to a laughing stock.”
As companies relocate urban, suburbs scramble
Narrative McDonald’s isn’t the only major company responding to the siren call of a metropolis. Blame a lot of it on all those people who invented computers and the e-commerce economy that has followed.
The mayors who might be President
Narrative It’s a big jump from being a mayor to being President, but there are an increasing number of such contenders out there. You’ll be hearing more about Eric Garcelli, who’s in his second term in Los Angeles (backed by an 81% vote) and would be the first Hispanic chief executive, the first of Jewish extraction with a Rhodes scholarship background as well. He’s now contending with Paris for Olympic games. But he’s only one among 11 that this story ranks as exceptional.
Teleportation: photons today, humans tomorrow?
Narrative Remember Star Wars, in which one person or another was being beamed (transported) from here to there? There are echoes of that possibility in the news that the Chinese say they’ve successfully sent a photon from Earth to a satellite 870 miles away. Don’t get too excited. First they have to get past quantum entanglement. Read on.