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Herewith our fourth time out in chronicling the pace of change in the United States and the world. Pages one and two are a little heavier than usual with their diet of political news, with the spotlight on both senators from Arizona and one congressman from Pennsylvania who’s making his own waves on Capitol Hill by organizing a cadre of moderate thinkers. But our outreach goes much wider, embracing the ominous threat to football players and other athletes from C.E.T. (it’s spelled out in the report) and the remarkable success one young woman and many others have found in crowdfunding their dreams into viability without the benefit of venture capital.
Page three is as much fun as usual.
With each new publication we learn — and hasten to share with you — a great deal that’s new about the way change is working its will on what was past into what is our present and future. We’re pleased with the way this and the other three issues have begun their job of informing, amazing, delighting and even terrifying our readers about the way things are going right and wrong in the universe. Our objective is first to enlighten and secondarily to encourage. The greatest challenge is to keep up the pace of change, which pushes us to publish more often and you to pay closer attention. We confess that change is still ahead in the race but remain confident that we’ll one day close in. Don’t just stand by. Believe.
And keep coming back.  
Don West for New Times Always!
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How John McCain killed the “skinny repeal”
Narrative At least for now, the GOP attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on strictly Republican votes have failed, which three members of that party defecting in favor, presumably, of a bipartisan solution reached by traditional legislative methods. The names to remembem: Collins, McCain and Murkowski.
Relationship between Trump and GOP hits new skids.
Narrative It’s too early to tell whether Republicans on Capitol Hill will openly reject the President at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, but the cracks are increasing.
Charlie Dent’s War
Narrative There’s a new political force on Capitol Hill and among the Republican ranks still dominated in the Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It’s the Tuesday Group so effectively and modestly headed in the House by Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, whose own keystone word is moderation. It first and still competes with The Freedom Caucus for control of the agenda, but has at least twice and most recently won on health care.
Republican says his party is in “denial” about Trump
Narrative There’s obviously more than first meets the eye in reading about Arizona’s other senator this week, who announced publication of his new book strongly suggesting that the Trump administration has gone wrong. Many will not miss the implication that Jeff Flake could do better.
Just now far can California possibly go on climate?
Narrative Calififornia, which has made such strides on solar power, is doubling down on its efforts to attack climate change by putting in place the highest goals in the nation. The world will be watching.
Why women aren’t C.E.O.s
Narrative No matter how much better women’s lot has improved among the professions, it has rarely accompanied them to the top. The perhaps reasons why are examined in this sobering account by those who have tried and failed to achieve the rank of No. 1.
The crowdfunding entrepreneur who raised $3 million
Narrative Katherine Krug has achieved over $3 million from crowdfunding, the latest alternative to venture capital backing for start-up entrepreneurs. Her company is called BetterBack, and hers may be the better way for those who follow her financial lead.