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If we’ve learned anything from the four earlier numbers of New Times Always it’s that we can’t be too quick in keeping up with change. Number five compounds the lesson and the problem. The 24-hour-news cycle has long since been replaced by the never-ending news cycle, whether or not importantly. Taking time for a long look at the generational effect of smartphones is equally imperative, as witness the sobering analysis in this issue. Not to mention what’s happening in such estates as marriage, which may never be the same again, if it ever was. It’s all in a day’s work not only for us but for you, the reader, whom we’re required to address with increasing frequency. We might say “sorry about that” but we really can’t. That’s what we signed on for. What we can promise is not only to do more but better. Just wait for number six.
Don West for New Times Always
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Fallout from Trump’s Charlottesville remarks
Narrative For good or ill, Trump dominates the news, pushing his own headlines off the front pages almost before their ink is dry. The latest cottage industry in Washington communications is at the White House, trying to come up with explanations for the President. Many in his administration and out of it seem to be giving up. Here, for the record if not the record books, is a collection from the recent past.
Heather’s legacy: mourning and a call to action
Trump dumps Bannon, who returns to Breitbart
Why General John Kelly is Trump’s last hope
Most “liked” tweet in the history of Twitter
Narrative The one Mr. President enjoying a resurgence of popularity at the moment is Barack Obama, who appears even to have out-trumped Trump in tweets.
The last great newspaper war?
Narrative It’s High Noon for the newspaper business, from the sound of this shootout between the New York Times and the Washington Post, each wanting to be the last standing. It’s not that dire yet but there’s no doubt about the changes ahead as the world goes digital.
How a mattress store became a home for Harvey victims