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Kamala Harris’s rise among democrats
Narrative You won’t learn everything thing you want to know about Kamala Harris by reading this article, but think of it as an introduction to someone you’ll hear more about in the future.
Globalization’s rise and fall
Narrative It turns out that there may be something to worry about concerning globalization. At least enough to give it some second thought.
Parole for young lifers inconsistent across the U.S.
Narrative The uneven scales of justice are still meting out uneven treatment of those sentenced as juveniles in a harsher time.
Did Airbnb kill the mountain town?
Narrative If Uber is upsetting the taxi business, so does the new business of renting out the nation’s spare bedrooms. The unexpected consequences have become a matter of public policy as well as economics.
The voice of an internet generation
Narrative This one sentence from the story pretty much says it all: “It seems nearly everything Roiland touches . . . cuts through the noise with an absurdity that holds up the mirror to our current day — certifiably a strange time to be alive, especially on the internet.”
Mexico’s deadliest town. Mexico’s deadliest year.
Narrative The name is Tecoman. You may want to remember its ascendancy to become Mexico’s latest deadliest town, outpacing the rest of the country in random homicides. It”s an old story but one we never get used to, fueled by guns, drugs, criminality and desperation.
America, home of the transactional marriage
Narrative This one will overwhelm you with statistics but the basic truth tells its own story: Something’s going on in the place where conventional marriage used to be. Let’s make a deal?
Have smartphones destroyed a generation?
Narrative We’ve been saving this story for a while, but it continues to haunt us. This sentence explains why. “It’s not an exaggeration to describe IGen [the generation that’s never lived without smartphones] as being on the brink of the worst mental-health crisis in decades.” If that sounds alarmist, it should.