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There is a distinct change in the character of this most recent number of New Times Always!  It deals less with what we who inhabit the planet do to change things as with what the planet does to us unbidden. Nature’s disasters have become the order of the day and their aftermath will be an unintended consequence of our future. If there were one story in particular to call to your attention if would be the sobering observation of a contributor (Josh Quittner, the editorial director of Flipboard) in “The Internet of Disaster” that mankind has been on a new state of alert for so long that all are subject to a shared post-traumatic stress syndrome. He uses the word “hypervigilance” to identify what has been with us since the first 9/11, so recently recelebrated. He’s right and we’re all less off for being so affected. It’s good to know if hard to escape.
That said, there are less cosmic matters of interest. We were anxious to publish Amazon’s master plan to be the everywhere store. Germany’s experience with migrants caught our attention, as did — unhappily — the story about suicide in New Zealand. There was even something new going on in the continuing saga of American politics, so singularly affected by a single loose cannon in the presidency. A whiff, if you will, of bipartisanship that should be encouraged if not yet counted upon. 
And then, as always, there’s page three, our own antidote to the anxiety stirred up on pages one and two. What we giveth in good measure, we also taketh away. 
Don West for New Times Always!  
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A requiem for Florida
Narrative This so-called “requiem” doesn’t write off the future of Florida, but it is an object lesson in anticipating what may lie ahead in the future.
Harvey wasn’t just bad weather. It was bad city planning
Narrative In similar fashion, this story about Houston makes no apologies for the lack of foresight that may have contributed to what mother nature wreaked in the present day.
I downloaded an app. Now I’m part of the Cajun Navy.
Narrative This person’s heroism in answering the call to duty in a hurricane is more than inspirational. It says what can happen when we listen to our better instincts in the face of disaster.
Donald Trump’s long and complicated history with race
Narrative Sometimes it matters to keep score. This remarkable account by the PBS Newshour will forever serve as a reference to all those things in Donald Trump’s past that cast such a shadow on his present.
Here’s how Congress could act to save DACA
Narrative It may yet be that all is not lost in the struggle to make right the nation’s — and the world’s — agony over boundaries. So many people, so little equity, so much injustice.
Trump’s deal with Democrats bolsters Ryan — for now
Narrative Bipartisanship comes hard these days. There may be a time to accept when the right things happen for the wrong reasons.
Get off the couch, Baby Boomers. Or you won’t be able.
Narrative There’s a lot of buzz in the air about this National Public Radio story about the risks attendant to the world’s increasingly.chair- and desk-bound life style. We’re interrupting our regular programming to bring you this special report. If the shoe fits . . .