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 This edition is published more in sadness than in anger, although there is ample reason for both. The sadness can be explained by the Las Vegas tragedy and hopelessness about guns left in its wake. Not to mention the remaining plight of the victims of natural disasters and wars around the globe. We’re saving for our next issue a scientific estimate about how long the planet itself can be expected to survive. If true, it’s less than you may think.
But there’s enough to lament about today. The outrageous conduct of  Donald Trump as president, not to mention the failure of his administration in virtually every respect, is now compounded by his assault on a respected senior senator of his own party, who for the moment is returning volley for volley. It’s a spectacle upon which the rest of the world is looking with dismay, derision and fear, considering that the practice of governing has been reduced to such a level by the strongest power on earth and until now a respected nation.
Worst still, in the view of this publication today, is that no one or several of serious stature has or have arisen to protest.  On one respected news program this week, the conduct taking place in Washington was treated as a matter of great levity, at the same time that respectable journals were saying that Trump and his base were succeeding in taking over the Republican party. Neither is either a laughing matter .
On matters about which we have more control — that is the subject of change and our progress in reporting about it in these pages — we’re far more sanguine. This number contains a number of interesting, informative and even entertaining stories culled from the best sources in the world and edited with an eye both to those with whom we agree and may disagree, but respect in the process. We consider it a privilege to publish and to share our horizons.
Don West for New Times Always!
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Five reasons Trump has failed at governing
Narrative Just when one might think things couldn’t get crazier in Washington, President Trump has attacked the senior GOP senator on the Foreign Relations Committee, who attacked back by saying the White House is an adult day care center and Trump could put the world on the path to World War III. The question now is not whether that comity could be saved but whether it should be.
Mass shootings are an American problem.
Narrative The horror from the Las Vegas massacre will continue to reverberate until the United States relinquishes its record as the world’s leader in gun deaths. That won’t be any time soon. The remarks that follow were made by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut.
Gun violence in America: 17 maps and charts
Narrative This is the statistical record that brings home how bad things are in the world of gun violence and how difficult it will be to rewrite history.
The NFL won’t forget September 24, 2017 anytime soon
Narrative When does freedom of speech come into conflict with respect for the flag? It’s become another battleground on the playing fields of a divided America.
Sundar Pichai says the future of Google is AI
Narrative This story is an abrupt return from the present to the future, when so massive a firm as Google declares its allegiance to artificial intelligence as its patron saint for the future. Can the rest of us be far behind?
Ginsburg slaps at Gorsuch in gerrymandering case
Narrative The least of the motives for calling attention to this seeming footnote on the body politic is human interest. The greater may be its indication of things to come.
The White House women who’ve got Trump’s back
Narrative To the extent that gender continues to play a part in the national life and politics, it may explain our interest in this story about those women who have emerged to play important roles in the Trump administration.