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Who is the Puerto Rico mayor standing up to Trump?
Narrative Her name is Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto. She’s 54 years old, the mayor of San Juan in Puerto Rico and now an international hero who stood up to Donald Trump to fight for her people by crying out: “If anyone out there is listening to us, we are dying.” They were, and it isn’t clear that the U. S. was listening.
When “not guilty” is a life sentence
Narrative The subject that most motivates New Times Always! is change, or the lack of it. That includes injustice in the legal system, extending as well to the mentally ill. This is what’s been going on when we weren’t looking.
When working from home doesn’t work
Narrative This is a pendulum most thought would never swing back: the trend to outsourcing work and the locations in which it was done. Now a company largely responsible for the trend is leading the resistance.
The genius of the Playboy interview
Narrative There was literary merit and journalistic innovation behind all those interviews alongside the centerfolds in the magazine world of Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Who are we to dispute it.
Why happy people cheat
Narrative For the benefit of those who don’t read to the end of this story about why partners in otherwise happy marriages still find themselves straying, we’re putting the climax at the beginning: “Often when a couple comes to me in the wake of an affair, it is clear to me that their first marriage is over. So I ask them: Would you like to create a second one together?”
Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive
Narrative We confess to being among those who didn’t know it had been forbidden. That this development is such big news is indicative of how great the repression of women has been in that part of the world. The latest footnote: Uber’s already trying to recruit them.
Capitalism has been on a suicide mission for 40 years
Narrative Stories about the waning influence of capitalism are appearing with increasing frequency these days. Just in case there’s more going on than we’ve realized, here’s another.
Academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars
Narrative In a time of great affluence, there’s a lot more poverty than should be rightly due. The following account is in keeping with our duty to call your attention to the seamier side of life in the 21st century.