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on the lighter, brighter side of change
This is an interim progress report about New Times Always! The good news is that we have successfully launched and comfortably designed a new online publishing entity that is gathering steam, speed and substance with each new edition. There is no bad news.
There is an admission. Far sooner than expected, we’ve felt forced by events to begin expressing an editorial opinion along with the objective journalistic mission that is not only our stock in trade but our professional obligation. You may have noticed its appearance in the Subject to Change box that opens each issue and offers an overview to its character as well as its contents. It appeared conspicuously in number seven and repeats in this issue as well. It reflects not only our best and most honest view but is motivated by an obligation to both responsibility and necessity. Whether in opposition or agreement, we invite your response. Any and all will appear appropriately in future issues.
Don West for New Times Always!