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The danger of President Pence
Narrative The New Yorker, whose editorial bent and satirical appoach are anti-Trump, has gotten ahead of a potential President Pence by publishing a comprehensive report on the dangers thereof. For those who may think the devil they know is bad enough, it comes under the heading of cautionary journalism.
What the media get wrong about Donald Trump
Narrative Getting media stories out of the way, we proceed to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s informed report on the Donald Trump the media don’t understand.
What Facebook did to American democracy
Narrative Most important of all, considering that it has the most data and is the most difficult to comprehend, is The Atlantic’s story on what Facebook did to American democracy. The answer is complicated but may perhaps be summed up in one statement: Facebook has destabilized the electorial system. Worst still, it may be beyond fixing.
Can U.B.I. end our cultural obsession with work?
Narrative That there is such a thing as the possibility of fixed basic income for the universe was news to us. However far-fetched, there are those giving it thought.
How workers under 30 climb the ladder
Narrative Those in the under 30 group who work their way up or down the workplace ladder are doing it differently these days. The biggest difference appears to be that the young women are much more aggressive in what they’re after and their intentions in getting there.
Five blind spots
Narrative They say that what you don’t know can kill you, and while this story won’t give you the answers to those questions it will point out the paucity of information on housing (particularly evictions), Uber drivers, guns, corporate concentration and everything the government knows but won’t tell you.
How fake news turned a small town upside down
Narrative It’s a long way from the Middle and Far East to Twin Falls, Idaho, but the distance was shortened by several thousand miles when the rumor-mongers got hold of this fake news story. It could happen anywhere.
Here come the drones
Narrative From all we can tell, ready or not, this “Here Come the Drones” story is on the money. We’ll be reporting further on that subject but this technologically favorable report will suffice for the moment.