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Xi Jinping becomes most powerful leader since Mao
Narrative This official elevation of the opinion in which he is held by his fellow countrymen — right up there alongside Mao Tse-tung — must henceforth be taken into account by the rest of the world that must deal with him. There’s always reason to be cautious about absolute power.
The Catalan crisis is sending shockwaves across Europe
Narrative We pretend to no expertise nor familiarity with the situation between Catalonia and Spain, but we’ve seen enough molehills become mountains to realize that things can get out on hand. This one may already have, considering the divisive developments of the weekend. We can only hope the advice of European Council President Donald Tusk becomes the prevailing sentiment: “While for the EU nothing changes, and Spain remains our only interlocutor, I hope the Spanish government favors force of argument, not argument of force.” Words for the world to live by.
Millions return to poverty in Brazil
Narrative The headline’s enough to tell the story, about millions returning to poverty in Brazil. It seems only yesterday that we were reading about that nation’s new dominance in South America. How fast things can change.
The Supreme Court is allergic to math
Narrative This may not seem the most serious story you’ll read about problems with the Supreme Court, but it’s just telling enough to alert readers to a more troublesome situation when one generation of jurists loses touch with the technology that another generation knows from grade one.
Gloria Steinem on the patriarchy’s endless last gasp
Narrative You won’t be surprised by the views expressed by Gloria Steinem about Harvey Weinstein, but you may wonder how close we are to the “last gasp of patriarchy.”
Bono and Thomas Friedman reveal three skills American workers need today
Narrative Bono and Tom Friedman may not seem to have so much in common, but they are in agreement on what it will take to succeed in the economy. You’ve heard it before but maybe it will stick when you read it from them.
The tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia
Narrative We caution our editors to be cautious about a negative tehnology bias, but we can’t resist being attracted when people who really understand what’s going on sound the alarm. As in this dysphoria warning.